Monday, March 24, 2008

Shark Bytes - March 24, 2008

44 Days Of Freedom Took A Young Great White Shark South Of Baja
eFluxMedia - USA
By Dee Chisamera One month and a half after the Monterey Bay Aquarium released a young specimen of great white shark into the ocean, they reported its ...

Great white shark speeds south
The Age - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
A GREAT white shark released from the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California six weeks ago has already swum past the southern tip of Mexico's Baja Peninsula ...

Released Great White Shark Makes Incredible Progress
dBTechno - Boston,MA,USA
Washington (dbTechno) - The great white shark that was released from the Monterey Bay Aquarium in February definitely knew what it meant to swim and don’t ...

Blue Planet Aquarium becomes home to world's deadliest fish
Wrexham Leader - Wrexham,Wales,UK
Stonefish are believed by many to be the deadliest fish in the world, and they are set to provide a rival to the sand tiger shark for the title of most ...

Films take break from believability
UW Badger Herald - Madison,WI,USA
There’s a shark attack… during spring break! That’s really all there is to the made-for-TV film which cleverly adapts the archetypal shark scare concept made ...

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