Friday, January 22, 2016

Shark News - January 22, 2016

Great White Shark

Sharks Head Straight Home By Smell
Sharks that could smell headed straight back home when taken a few miles away, while some that had their sense of smell blocked took slower, more ...
Great White Shark Breaches Caught On Camera
DRAMATIC underwater footage captures the moment a Great White shark turns into a real-life Jaws – jumping out of the water to ravage tuna bait.
WATCH: Exploring 'Uncharted Waters' with PH whale sharks
The ocean is a majestic and mysterious place that has yet to be fully explored by humans. At present, we have only explored less than five percent of ...
Shark surveillance to continue until Easter for North Coast
AERIAL surveillance will continue until Easter on the coast amid heightened concerns of recent shark activity in the area. Parliamentary Secretary for ...
Tags give insight into basing shark behaviour
Basking sharks are the world's second biggest fish - the whale shark is the largest - and can grow to 11m (36ft) and weigh up to seven tonnes.
Queensland's second oldest surf life saving club celebrates 100 years watching over the waves
A fatal shark attack in 1937 that rocked the community would prove one of the ... "They loaded the shark onto the boat and brought it back to the shore ...

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