Saturday, January 9, 2016

Shark News - January 9, 2016

Great White Shark in aquarium

Great White Shark Dies After Three Days in Captivity
The world's only captive great white shark has died just three days after ... Aquariums have for decades tried to keep great white sharks in captivity, but ...

Shark bullbar: Perth driver caught on camera with dead shark strapped to car
A shocked Perth woman has captured footage of a Perth driver travelling down a Safety Bay Road with a large shark strapped to their bull bar.
10-foot shark tagged and released on Navarre Beach
The shark was tagged and released. This was Team American Kayakers 5th and largest shark of the day caught off Navarre Beach. Posted Jan.
Whale shark found dead in Surigao del Norte
Residents gather near a 24-foot butanding or whale shark, which was found dead on the shore of Barangay Pamosaingan in Socorro, Surigao del ...
Great White Shark Dies After Just 3 Days In Captivity At Japan Aquarium
"We are going to announce termination of [the] Great White Shark exhibition. We had ... displayed the shark in 'the Sea of dangerous sharks' tank from ...
'Bullbar most practical towing option': Perth shark strapper says
Seven News reporter Amelia Broun has spoken to the fisherman who drove along a road in Safety Bay with a shark tied to the front of his car.
11yo boy bitten by shark off Heron Island in Queensland
An 11-year-old boy has been attacked by a shark while swimming in waters at ... It is the second shark attack in Central Queensland in the past week.
Scientists discover shark nursery in New York waters
The waters just off the shore of Long Island's Great South Bay have revealed a nursery where young sand tiger sharks swim up from the south and ...
Sharks may use their noses to navigate the world's oceans
One of the great mysteries with sharks has been how they manage to navigate a straight path between distant locations in the ocean. It turns out some ...
Giant 'Jaws' shark joins Academy Museum
Museum organizers announced Thursday they have accepted a major, menacing gift — the sole surviving full-scale model shark from the 1975 classic ...
'Dolphins saved me from shark attack' says champion swimmer
Champion swimmer Adam Walker has recounted the incredible moment 12 dolphins saved him from a shark attack.

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