Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Shark News - February 10, 2016

Great White Shark

Shark nets 'do nothing': 50 years of data 'shows chances of attack unaffected by mitigation programs'
The shark nets used on Sydney beaches in New South Wales do nothing to reduce the chance of shark attack, a new statistical analysis has found.

"It's the thought of (being) eaten alive while you're still alive." Dave Pearson, shark attack survivor and founder of 'Bite Club'. On the beaches around ...

Shark attack victim remembered one year on
TODAY marks the anniversary of the death of local surfer Tadashi Nakahara, who was attacked by a shark at Speeds Reef near Shelly Beach, Ballina.

Shark attacks hit all-time high in 2015
There were 98 unprovoked attacks worldwide, beating the previous record of 88 set in 2000, according to the International Shark Attack File housed at ...

Shark nets used at most beaches do not protect swimmers, research suggests
Great white shark. 'There is no relationship between the number of sharks out there and the number of attacks,' says Laurie Laurenson from Deakin ...

Shark Attack Victim's Instagram Video
A diver has shared his gruesome shark attack wounds on Instagram. WARNING: This video is NOT for the squeamish.

Diver survives savage shark attack at aquarium
When they do shows signs of aggression they tent to attack other objects in their tank rather than divers. The grey nurse shark is one of Australia's ...

10-year-old recovers after shark attack in Jax Beach
There were 98 attacks in total and 30 of them occurred in Florida. ... Kaley said her shark attack isn't enough to keep her out of the water and in fact, ...

Five-metre great white shark filmed off NSW coast
Footage has emerged of a five-metre-plus great white shark swimming around game fishing boats off Narooma on the NSW Far South Coast.

Branson, Harvey urge ocean conservation
Mr. Branson, who has dived with several species of sharks, is passionate about protecting them, and sponsored several sharks in Guy Harvey's Great ...

Diver Confronted by Monster Mako Shark
The beauty of the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico January 24, 2016 day inspired shark hunter Lance Williams to grab his cameras instead of his ...

Dog frolics with shark
Donna Kowald shot the video of her Ridgeback Bullmastiff cross Coda playfully jumping in and out the water, while the shark seems oblivious.

Shark Fin Protestors Hit Out at Chinese New Year Tradition
With recent reports showing that a vast majority of Hong Kong restaurants continue to serve shark fin soup — often with no shark fin alternatives on the ...

Fears second great white stalking Adelaide beaches
As the fishermen frantically pulled up their lines and tried to flee, Mr Kearns says “the shark grabbed the propeller and stopped them for a little bit”.

Dozens of dead baby blue sharks found strewn around Taiwanese beach with their fins severed off
Last week, some ghastly pictures popped up from a beach in northwest Taiwan showing about 60 baby blue shark carcasses scattered around the .

Five sharks spotted off Peka Peka and Waikanae Beach
The first shark was seen about 50 to 70 metres off Peka Peka Beach, and the helicopter landed there so the crew could warn swimmers to get out of ...

Shark Dive NZ operator says he was not run off Stewart Island
A shark diving operator says his move to the mainland is not because of tensions on Stewart Island. Some Stewart Island residents and paua divers ...

From Junkyard To Museum: The Journey Of A JAWS Shark
The Academy Museum has announced that it has accepted into its collection a major gift of the sole surviving full-scale model of the 1975 Jaws shark, ...

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