Monday, May 16, 2016

Shark News - May 16, 2016

Shark snouts contain conductive jelly
The ocean's apex predator can sense weak electrical fields generated by fish muscle contraction. Now, a team of researchers in the US uncovered a ...

Decapitated shark carcass sparks outrage, investigation
Authorities on Wednesday investigated the beheading of a young shark whose bloody carcass was left on a dock in Southern California, CBS Los ...

Fla. man finds 11-foot shark washed ashore on Panama City beach

Woman who caught shark that died speaks out
The woman behind a controversial hammerhead shark catch on Fort Myers Beach is speaking out about the incident, after coming under attack by ..

Fisherman arrested after whale shark's death sparks online outrage
The pair, surnamed Liao and Huang, will be charged with hunting an endangered animal after they allegedly killed the whale shark and sold its meat ...

'Overwhelming' interest in Matawan shark centennial
The attacks, which killed four people in those towns and gripped the East Coast ... RELATED: Matawan's tentative schedule for shark attack centennial.

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