Sunday, March 15, 2015

Shark Bytes - March 15, 2015

Great White Shark On Patrol

'The size of a whale,' Aussie UFC fighter Richie Vas forced from surf by monster shark (video)

Australian UFC fighter Richie Vaculik (10-3) has avoided a close-call with a monstrous shark while surfing in South Australia. Together with fellow ...
Outdoors | Mako shark jumps to break free from fishing line
A large mako shark jumps out of the water during Capt. Elliott Taylor's March 6 trip into the Gulf of Mexico.

Want to see where our sharks are?
Australians might soon be able to go to the beach knowing, with some certainty, if there are sharks nearby, thanks to a new tagging operation.
Shark study to unlock secrets
The department's principal shark researcher Rory McAuley got the idea after using ROVs to survey wellheads as an oil and gas technician in the North ..

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