Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shark Bytes - March 17, 2015

Filmmakers need help to get Shark doco made
A GROUP of young filmmakers are seeking funding to get their shark documentary, Shark Wars, off the ground through online fundraising website ...
Research points to more sharks in Pamlico Sound
A rise in water temperatures and a thriving habitat with plenty to eat may be persuading bull shark mothers to give birth in the sound west of the Outer ...
Scientist tracks black tip shark movements
On their trail: Florida Atlantic University associate professor Stephen Kajiura implants a tracking device into a black tip shark caught off Florida. Photos: ...
Wounded shark washes ashore, gives birth in CamSur
An injured and weakened shark washed ashore on an island of Del Gallego town in Camarines Sur province Sunday morning, giving birth before it ...
Yorkshire doctor overcomes shark attack and near-miss collision on Atlantic row
“The rudder was made of solid steel and the shark was seen swimming off immediately after – perhaps to see a dentist. This reminded us how ...
New Jersey Moves Ban on Shark Fin Trade
The New Jersey Senate has passed a bill to ban the trade, sale and distribution of shark fin products. The bipartisan state legislation, S.2057, was ...
Sharks spotted near Jacksonville Beach pier
Shark sightings at Jacksonville Beach sent Spring Break beachgoers scrambling out of the water Monday afternoon. Just before 3 p.m., a shark fin was ...
Close call for diver as tiger shark tries to bite his head
There are divers who say they like to swim freely with large sharks to dispel perceptions that sharks are blood-thirsty predators, and there are dive 
Tourist with £8 camera snaps incredible shots of shark
Gwen, along with husband Rick and their daughter, Maddie, had searched for a replacement in Oban, Argyll, after booking a shark-spotting tour.
Secret of Shaws Bay 'shark' sightings revealed
REVEALED: The waters of Shaws Bay, East Ballina, are mostly cut off from the Richmond River, yet rumours of a shark persisted. It turns out it's home ..
Can You Hypnotize a Shark?
Tonic immobility has been induced in many species of sharks and rays by inverting the animal. Sharks usually enter a tonic state within a minute and ...
FWC warns fisherman who caught shark from pier
The fisherman who hooked a shark on the Jacksonville Beach pier Monda

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